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um. I think I'm officially bored. I have burned through the entire third season of In Treatment (I was really really late, I know) in, like, three days. I definitely liked it better than the second season but not as much as the first season. I mean, Adele >>> Gina, for sure, but I still miss her. I truly enjoyed Sunil's sessions, but for me, the season 1 patients were the best (Sophie <3).

dois. I have also completely fallen in love with Miranda. The seasons are so short, though. I cannot wait for more. When will the third season air? Anyone knows?

três. I am enjoying Love Bites. I really like to meet new random people every week, but I'm afraid it will grow tiresome. But then again we have the three main characters anchoring everything and I would guess their storylines will somehow develop as well.

quatro. Summer TV is here! Drop Dead Diva, I missed you.
Friends | Christmas

look out the window at that storm

Not-so-dear Masters Program,
You took away my last Weekend before Christmas. You better make it up to me with the best grades ever, or I will not be able to forgive you.
No love at all,


Guuuuuuuuys! It's been too long! Proper update when I finish my last paper of the semester.
Friends | best of friends

do we do this too much? - Chandler and Joey hugs

I really wanted to do a whole bunch of picspams for picspammy's latest troopes challenge, but, alas, it was not to be. It was a very busy month for me. Though I couldn't let such a fun challenge pass me by, though, so here we go.

I picked the Man Hug Troope.
"When two men hug in western media, it usually indicates that they are close friends, brothers (in blood or in spirit) or trusted comrades-in-arms. This is the Man Hug. Usually accompanied by a mutual clap on the back or shoulder, the Man Hug is a show of deep trust and close friendship between two men that cannot be broken easily."

And who is a better example than Chandler and Joey?

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Brasil X Portugal commentary, twitter-style

10:11 almost game time. #worldcup vamos ver se o #bra joga bem hj! #

11:31 quatro cartoes amarelos com meia hora? que jogo é esse? #bra x #por #worldcup #

11:38 trombada! lol. tinha que ser português msm. #worldcup #bra X #por #

11:48 faz tempo que eu nao assisto um jogo tao violento #worldcup #bra X #por #

12:19 wow. julio cesar = heroi nacional nesse exato momento. #worldcup #bra X #por #

12:24 depois da festa de cartão no 1o tempo, esse 2o tempo tá tão calmo... talvez pq o #bra ainda não entrou em campo? #worldcup #bra x #por #

12:42 e dunga coloca grafite em campo? lol #worldcup #bra X #por #

12:46 e só quem jogou hj no time do #bra foi o Lúcio. #fact #worldcup #bra X #por #

12:47 mas tai a prova que msm nao jogando tudo que pode, kaka faz mt falta #worldcup #bra X #por #

12:59 a diferença do empate de 94 pro de hoje, #galvão, é que o jogo de 94 foi muuuuito mais difícil e o #bra jogou mt mais. #

Brazil | meus pais sairam de férias

os times se preparam para entrar em campo

Long time no see, huh?

Okay, so.

(um) World cup started today. Go Brazil? *shrugs* I've never been so not into a World Cup as I am right now. Whatever. Gotta bigger things to think about right now.

(dois) TV finale season has come and gone and I haven't even talked about any of them. Boooo me. I suck sometimes. Anyway, I really liked Lost's finale, even though I haven't talked about much it with anyone. Mostly because I don't want anyone busting my bubble.

And I cried like a baby during Glee's, even though SECTIONALS >>> REGIONALS. (Also, the competition doesn't make sense to me at all. I stand by the thought that they should have had a State competition before Regionals.) Predictions for next year? Sure. We find out VA lost Nationals to whoever, so they can introduce a new team to be ND's nemesis. Also, ND will win Regionals mostly because VA is gonna suck without Shelby and Jesse. What I really wanted, though? Remember how VA won't let that guy who was bringing Terri pie graduate because he was the only one who could do triple flips or whatever? Yeah, they won't let Jesse graduate either (mostly because I will miss Groff, I'm not ashamed to say it). Something else I would really like too is a Rachel+VA number at some point, even though I don't see how that could happen after Funk (but a girl can dream, right?).

(três) At this point, I'm 95% sure I will be moving to Europe in approximately two months. Most likely to Germany. How crazy is that? I kinda couldn't sleep last night as realization came. Two months! I pretty much wanna scream all the time. I'm equal parts excited and scared and I have this crazy nervous energy right now, it's just crazy. Crazy.

(quatro) I need really good scenes from movies of people (the more famous the actor, the better) downing a shot and making a face afterwards. Anyone wanna help me with that? I just need to be reminded of a few scenes, that's all (youtube links for them would be great, but it's not a deal breaker). It's for a university project, so I would really appreciate the help.

Oscars, twitter-style

22:35 #oscars NPH! #
22:36 #oscars Exactly. Not that I'm complain, but waht is he doing there? #
23:13 #oscars Robert Downey's glass? WTH? #
00:00 #oscars was maggie almost crying after seeing her own scenes? am I the only one how thought it was a little weird? #
01:31 #oscars Tim Robbins introducing Morgan Freeman was the highlight of the evening for me up to now. #
01:33 #oscars KAAAAAAAAATE! #
01:49 #oscars Sandra Bullock? really? wow! #
02:01 #oscars OMG I did not see that coming. Maybe it's because I haven't even seen The Hurt Locker? Maybe? #
02:37 #oscars okay, so I think my favorite dresses were Rachel McAdams' and Anna Kendrick's. #
02:37 #oscars At least I'm pretty sure if I was looking for a dress those were the only ones I would try on. #
Friends | all is wrong

5 underrated Friends episodes

Friends is that kind of TV show that has so many episodes it's hard to pick favorites. But, when we do pick, we all end up picking pretty close to the same ones --- usually the "classic" episodes. So, for something different, I thought about those less popular favorites of mine. I'll start off by saying this is not my top 5 Friends episodes. At all. These are not considered "classics" and they are never on anyone's favorites list. BUT, even though they are not my top 5, I still love these episodes to death and I wish more people liked them.

So, without further ado, for picspammy's Five challenge:

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_schools218559, Glee | get what you need

5 young actresses that should guest star on Glee

Glee has only had half a season and people already think they are over-doing the whole guest-star thing.
While I can see their point, I can't help but think it would be pretty awesome if these girls made the cut sometime.

So, for picspammy's top 5 challenge, I present to you...

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