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You had me at secret room

I liked it. Most of it, anyway. Or maybe I liked more the idea of it then the actual it. I can't make a coherent text so bullets it is.

  • Okay, so, this week, Veronica is (playing) drunk and dancing in a chair and Logan is running around naked. Was I watching E!'s Wild On Neptune? I gotta say, Veronica as a sorority girl sounded funnier then it actually was. =/

  • I think it's interesting that the week a lot of people complained that it didn't feel like VM is the same week that most of the regular character interactions dinamics were changed. Wallace didn't even talk to V, but had a whole story with Logan. Dick has only been in one scene with Veronica and hasn't talked to Logan at all. And you know what? It was good, but that's the kind of thing that's only good in small doses. That's why Logan/Wallace scenes are always so great --- it's because we don't really get a lot of it. Though I would bet that with the two sharing a class, we could get more. But then again they have shared classes before and we only got that egg experiment.

  • And on that note... The Experiment didn't bother me that much. I'm a Psych major, so I knew what they were talking about and I know no professor on their right mind would duplicate it. But I'm used to "forgeting" these things when I'm watching VM.

  • The show was full with familiar faces. Shawn Hunter from (Boy Meets World) was being a ass to Neal (Freaks & Geeks)! And we all knew Missy (Jack & Bobby) would end up being a sorority girl. Recognizing all this people made me happy in a way, because I really suck at this game. But it was a little distracting too.

  • Parker's wig? awful. I know VM's budget is pretty small, but couldn't they afford something that doesn't look like doll hair?

  • I can't comment on the Keith/Kendall/Fritzpatricks plot, because it still doesn't make sense to me.

  • I love Veronica. I really do. And I think she's gorgeous too. But people has got to stop telling her that. It's like every.single.episode. someone has to tell V she's a pretty girl. And it's not even her boyfriend. That's too much.

  • I love how Veronica keeps sort of screwing up, you know? It's like she tries to do the right thing, but she's too eager, so she's always jumping to conclusions and hurting people in the process. And then she's always trying to find ways to fix stuff she's done wrong. But guess what? Sometimes apologizing and/or catching the bad guy is not enough. It's been like this since season 1 (I've been rewatching it lately and seems like she's doing this every.single.episode), and I hope something comes around and makes her realise that. Actually, what I want to happen is for V to catch the rapist, and feel all relieved. And then, I want Parker to tell her thanks, but that's just not enough.

  • Hey, Piz, where are you? Actually, forget it, I don't care. I didn't miss him at all. I'll just come out and say it: I don't like him. It's like he's just there. I used to like him on Life As We Know It, even though his whole plotline was with Kelly Osbourne, but he actually looked alive there. On VM, he's just... standing there. Blah.

  • ETA: Star-crossed? Cute!
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