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Friday5 is pointing at me and laughing

I think thefridayfive is mocking me or something. =/

1. What job do you have, and why do you like/hate it?
I'm doing a lot of things, and so far I really like all of them:
a) I'm in an internship at a school, working with professinal orientation. I love working with teenagers and I love the look on their faces when they realise stuff about themselves and the world around them. Really love it.
b) Still on the internship, I also have this school newspaper made b the students thing going on, and that's been incredible as well, because I get to work with journalism and teenagers, which right now I would say are two of my passions.
c) I'm working as a co-producer and co-director on a TV show (it's a psychology interviews kinda show) and even though I wish I was editing, it's been really fun so far.
d) I'm working as sort of the page-designer of this scientific magazine, and it's been really great so far as well. I only work a week every three/four months and I get payed very well. I wouldn't say it's my dream job, but it's definantly a dream payment so far.
2. As a kid, what did you want to be when you "grew up?"
My mom says whenever people asked me that, I'd always say I wanted to be a mom. And I demanded Mother's Day gifts from my dolls. LOL.
3. Is the job you have now anything like what you imagined as a kid?
I'm not a mom yet, so... no?
4. Do you have a five-year career plan?
I barely have a five-year life plan. Besides, I want to take next year off, and I wouldn't call that a good carrer plan. =/
5. In order to get the job of your dreams, is there anything you wouldn't do? Why?
Yes. I wouldn't kill, I wouldn't steal, I wouldn't have sex with someone for it, I wouldn't go to jail, I wouldn't work for this uncle of mine (LOL)... really, there's a long list. Why? Because I think there's things, such as family and integrity and peace of mind that are more important than your job.
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