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TV Schedule revisited

So, my TV season so far...

- How I Met Your Mother - Best feel good show on right now. I love the characters.
- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - I missed Matthew so so much!
- Heroes - Good so far. It looks a little clumsy to me, though. It's like they don't really know where the show is heading. But I like they way we're being introduced to the characters. I like that we know as much as they do.
- Veronica Mars - Right now, the show I look most foward to. It's definantly better than season 2, and I feel this season 1 vibe all over it. Plus, we're getting some LoVe and it's so great! The mistery (at least this first one) is better than last years', that's for sure. Though I gotta say it feels odd to have new info every week --- I was so used to getting clues every three or so episodes.
- Help Me Help You - Actually... I would be downloading if I had found the torrents. They seemed to vanish after the first episode. Still trying to find them, though.
- Lost - I don't know. I still love the show, but it's not holding my attention as intenselly as it did in the first season. I guess it lost some of it's magic to me. Maybe when I get to see the rest of the characters I'll be happy.
- Six Degrees - I've watched two episodes and I'm bored out of my mind. I've already downloaded the third, and I'm downloading the forth. When it gets done, I'll watch them both. If I'm still bored, I'm calling it quits.

- Psych - LOVED the first few episodes.
- Day Break - It will replace Lost on the network, so it might as well replace it on my download list.

Only effective next month, when the channels actually show the series around here.
9pm - Lost [AXN] (actually, I'll just tape it for my dad)
10pm - Prison Break [FOX] (whenever they decide to air the 2nd season)
10pm - What About Brian [Sony] (trial basis. The first season was okay, and if it doesn't get any better, I'll let it go)
8:30 - 30 Rock [Sony]
9pm - The Nine [WB]
8pm - Gilmore Girls [WB]
9pm - The OC (yes, I WILL follow Chris Pratt, I don't care if it's to Orange County) [WB]
8pm - The Class (trial basis. Every critic has been calling it the new Friends, but I don't really like the premise) [WB]
9pm - Men in Trees (trial basis. People seem to really like it, so I'm giving it a try.) [WB]

I still wish some stuff would just get axed soon.

Thursday will be the night of pity watch. Huh. I'm pretty sure GG is just as annoying as last season. But then again it's their last year, so it's kinda like loyalty watch or something. The OC, on the other hand, I was this close to giving up last year, but I heard the Marissa is dieing rumor and stuck around to see that. Now they got Chris Pratt (Briiiiiggghhhhttttt!!!! I miss Bright!), so it's like they're really forcing me to watch. Besides, it seems like it's their last year as well, so I can hang in there to see the end of it.
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