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don't make me do the stare

I was waiting for my real.proper (how anoying is this getting?) copy to finish downloading, but if I don't do this now, I might as well just wait for next week.

WEEVIL! Weevil is back! And he was working in a car wash! I can't be the only one who half-waited for someone to say they had a secret. A good one. Yeah, my mind went back to Lilly at that very second. Also loved Weevil working with Keith. I wish they had dragged that one for a few episodes.

And while Weevil is back, we lose Mac, Parker and Wallace. Damn VM's budget problems. Speaking of which... let's recapitulate. They don't have money to have the regular cast in every episode. They don't have money to get Parker a nice wig. BUT they have money to get both Veronica and Logan new cars? Where are the priorities, people?!

Also on the money front... If the Mars family can't afford College (that's why Veronica is working on the library, right?) how come they could afford her new car? Wow, I think I just had a Friends flashback. Sorry.

And the last one on money, I promise: Logan is gambling. That can't be good. The first chapter of a new downwards spiral? As much as I love tortured!Logan, give the guy a break, will you? =(

Now, the important stuff: Veronica is jealous! Veronica loooooves Logan! I swear I could hear the whole fandom screaming at that last scene. I'm just not sure what, though. What was the OMG this time around? OMGTRUSTISSUES?

I'm divided about the episode. I want to believe it was good. Maybe the best of the season so far. But, maybe, I just want to think that because of the LoVe storyline. Part of me thought it was kinda meh. But then again maybe that's just because I couldn't wait any longer and ended up reading other people's reactions before watching the episode. And that's baaaaddd.

The mantra of the season so far, though? If you act without thinking first, you might end up doing something wrong, even with the best of intentions, and that's gonna hurt someone you care about. Okay, maybe someone can come up with a less wordy way to say that. But that's the idea.

Best line: Now, maybe people would say they'd never plant a tracking device in their significant other's car, but I think that's just because they don't know how.

Well, It took me two days, but I actually managed to find stuff to say. I actually thought I wouldn't find anything.

And you know why I hate previews? Because silly things like this just get me all excited about the next episode. And that makes the chances of disapointment so much bigger.
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