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No jokes, no innuendos, no quips.

Parker got a new wig and it doesn't look so bad. Pirate points for them --- can you tell I miss Neptune High?

Can't believe they wasted a Wallace appareance in a two-lines scene. Bad, bad, bad.

Let me take a moment to recapitulate a few things on s3 so far. On 301, we had the sex scene with the "you should turn pro" dialogue. On 302, we had Veronica wearing a flower dress and going to a sorority party. On 303, we had Weevil wearing a tie and working on Mars Investigations. And now we get Logan having dinner with the Mars family *and* Dick coming over. Did The CW held a contest and every week a fanfic writer is invited to write a scene? I almost can't wait to see what we will see next week.

Poor Logan. I say we start a Give The Boy A Family campaign. Actually, you know, I see potential on that storyline. It could have been a pretty good mystery arch, IMHO. And I'm sure we'd all be much more invested on it than we are on the rape mystery so far.

But then again, I also thought the rape mystery would get everyone invested, and that doesn't seem to be happening. When I think about it, I always end up with the conclusion that the problem with VM right now is not that they can't come up with good ideas. In fact, I think they have great ideas, and the first episode of the season (and, IMHO, this is true for both s2 and s3) always leave me with this feeling that so much could be done (yes, even Veronica wants to be normal felt like could have been amazing on a first look, and I still think it could have been, if handled properly), and yet the storylines end up disapointing me. I fail to understand why, though. Time? Budget? It seems more like a matter of lazyness and taking shortcuts through the main plot points.
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