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random TV

Small comments on TV.

Studio 60
I'm really liking the series so far and I really liked both episodes. In fact, I'd say 105 was the first time I actually felt a little moved by Matt/Harriet, which I believe they meant to happen a few episodes back. BUT, I have a huge complain: they got Lauren Graham and they only gave her a scene in each episode? How sad was that? At least she got a scene with Matthew. <3 But I was expecting so much more. Bah.

It's fun, but it feels a little... disjointed. Like they don't really know what they're doing with it. It feels as if the creators went like:
- Hey, I wanna make this TV show where all these regular people find out they have super powers. That'd be cool.
- Yeah, that'd be really cool. Why did they develop those powers, though?
- Ah, I don't know. Save the world?
- I guess that could work.
- Yeah, let's do that.
- We need a master plan, though.
- Naaaaahhh... If the show turns into a hit, we can figure something out.
- Ok.
Seriously? Find a actual game plan. Don't come up with stuff like that. But, hey, maybe that's just me.

I feel like season 3 is better than season 2 so far, but, I don't know, I miss the magic I've only seen in season 1. The magic that made me watch each episode 50 times, and try and get every single one I know watching. The magic that made me download every episode and also tape them 6 months later when it was shown here in Brazil, and then pass the tapes around to my friends. I miss that crazy "I have to watch the pilot yet again" feeling that used to overcome me at least once a month, and discovering all these little things hidden in it that actually made sense 20 episodes later. I guess I miss being obsessive over it.
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