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Hello, square one! Nice to see you again.

* Lilly got mentioned! Yay! It had been so long I was not expecting it. See how great it is when I know nothing about the episode? I get excited over the littlest things. :D So, Lilly's necklace? Love!
* If Veronica wanted to keep the necklace so badly, why didn't she just hid it under her shirt? It wouldn't have been that hard.
* Oh, by the way, I don't get Veronica's and Logan's costumes. What were they anyway?
* "Right after you said jump and I asked how high." I smell problem. Logan might be crazy about Veronica, but he's not a sheep. I don't see him taking this for very long.
* Veronica has a fanboy. Cute! Plus, she totally took advantage of the situation. "Yes, it's awesome. And I need *your* help."
* Weevil! Weevil is here! *And* he's an audio (yo!) and visual aid. You know, I don't particularly like Weevil, but I always love his dialogues. Weevil and Veronica is always great; Weevil and Logan is just plain awesome; Weevil and Keith was the funniest stuff ever. Oh, Weevil and Beaver and Mac was pretty good too.
* Wasn't it amusing that we saw Weevil ---and not Logan--- noticing Lilly's necklace? No? Just me then.
* Weevil not knowing Veronica is dating Logan also amused me. And on that note... Wow, Weevil still thinks so poorly of Logan, even their mystery arch in which they had to trust each other so they could work together last year. What the hell does he think Logan did to Lilly anyway?
* I really wish we had seen Veronica gambling, like she told Weevil she would. My mind jumped to An Echool's Family Christmas imediately. Besides, if Logan is gonna have a gambling problem (like we're all expecting), then let Veronica take his money. This way she would finally have money to transfer for Stanford.
* Wallace! Yay! Just wished his plot didn't blow. Kinda pointless and kinda out of character too. I'd rather have watched him play basketball --- hey, didn't he get a scholarship for that? Or, I know, get him to be V's sidekick. They really got restore the BFFs. How long has it been since they talked anyway? Loved the email though: "snickerdoodleme? :D"
* On that note, I'm sure everyone saw Wallace's and Keith's emails, but did you guys noticed there was an email from Mac as well? It was a foward about some conspirace theory.
* Ha. Wallace ALWAYS wanted to be a mechanical engineer, and yet, after two whole seasons, this is the first time we hear about it. I wonder if Veronica knows that.
* Hi Wallace's new BFFs we've never seen before and no one cared to introduce to us.
* Liked Keith's storyline, but is it bad that the thing I liked the most about it was Cliff? I really don't remember him being this funny. And I really don't remember him doing so many voices.
* Hey, if Keith is the leading suspect on a police case, shouldn't he be forbidden to leave the country? And yet, he went to Mexico. Huh.
* Gaaaahhhh!!!! Little brat!! She so deserved to have the necklace taken from her. Now, I thought the "shouldn't you be, like, smart?" was so amusing, considering, you know, the "Veronica Mars is smarter than you" thing. But little annoying brat!!!! Kids are annoying me so much this days.
* Oh, oh, I almost forgot! We gotta celebrate the return of Backup. How long had it been anyway? It feels like forever.
* And, finally, every episode this season had one, and this was no exception. The scene the fanfic writers wrote this week was... Lamb doing the robot. "Hey, the Sheriff is doing the robot!" "Where's the camera phone?" Police department extras = love.

Overall: I really liked the episode. The show is getting better everyweek. Plus, it also helps that I'm not rewatching season 1 anymore, like I was during the first couple of episodes.
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