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oh, it's a good thursday

Kristin and Ausiello confirm that Studio 60 got the back nine. Plus, Kristin says that Veronica Mars got another three episodes so far, which brings us to the end of the second mystery arch (right?).

Ausiello has reported that the second mystery will start on the same episode as the rapes mystery ends (which can't come soon enough), and it's a MURDER mystery. Now, could it please be Piz? Kill Piz and Veronica could get pretty invested in finding out who did it, given that Wallace could be a suspect, because they share the dorm and stuff. And you know who else would be a suspect? Logan, for the classic motive of jealousy. And now Veronica would have to investigate it because she had to prove them both inocent.

So, basicaly, we'd 1) get ready of an annoying character, 2) involve Wallace in a good storyline, 3) create tension between Logan and Veronica, and 4) Veronica's personal interest and investment in the mystery (which we haven't had since season 1), all with one simple move. Pretty perfect for me.

Will that happen? No. But a girl can dream.


Season 7 of Gilmore Girls starts tonight here in Brazil. *deep breathe* I'm almost afraid of watching it.
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