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Okay, consider my mind blown. And then put back together and blown again.

* Keith ended up in Vinnie's money shot AND got the Vinnie special. Well played, writers.

* Also on that scene... The whole Kendal/Fitzpatricks thing is coming back? Really? Weren't most of us confused enough last time?

* At least we got Vinnie on this mix too. Even if the storyline is not gonna get better better or easier to understand, at least it's gonna be funnier.

* And on that note, how much did I love that Vinnie was the one who saved Veronica from the Fitzpatricks? I'll tell you: a lot. And he got all over protective too!

* Girlfriend girl says Veronica has never been in love. Uh, okay, I like that one better than the "she was in love with Duncan but never with Logan" crap they could have just easily tried to throw at us.

* Both Piz's nextdoor neighbors that didn't show up (or barely did) have names but Wallace's friends from a couple of weeks ago didn't (fine, the guy got a name, but only the week after he first showed up). Interesting, isn't it? Okay, fine, you can say that Piz's nextdoor neighbors are also Wallace's nextdoor neighbors. But, hey Wallace was not there, so it's a Piz thing for me.

* Oh, and Piz? Needs to die. Right now. Someone kill Piz. Pleaaaaaase? Can't. stand. him.

* Logan ALWAYS comes through for Veronica. I've even lost count how many times he has done it. And she's only getting it now? Jeez. I know Veronica can be pretty oblivious to obvious stuff *coughPizscrushcough* but this is by far the... ugh, I can't even find an adjective to define this.

* Veronica is a bitch. Yes. But she has *always* been a bitch. That has been well estabilished on the show. Plus, at least this time around I can half-relate to her. Which doesn't make her any less of a bitch, and it doesn't make her any right on her argument with Logan or her argument with Keith.

* On the Keith front, well, I think she made her point pretty clear when she remembered the Jake/Celest thing. But, if she's such an adult, why the childish runaway? I know that runing away is Veronica's way of dealing with things, but, I don't know, there's runing away of a problem by avoiding people (and we all know --- or at least I know --- it's completly possible to live under the same roof and still avoid someone), and then there's runing away literally runing away. Anyway, back to my point, Keith was not right, but Veronica was not exactly acting the right way either --- and even though I don't expect her to act the right way all the time, it makes it harder to side with her when she's being childish. So I'm in no one's side on this one. They were both wrong.

* On the Logan front, she was mostly wrong, but I can see why she would act like that. When you have seen this much cheating and lieing and setting-ups and a lot of it done to you, trusting can get pretty hard. She simply doesn't trust people anymore. She most likely lost a little of her faith in the mankind. so she shuts herself out. That's the way she reacts to it. It's not the first time, you know. But she's still not right. Seriously, guys. I'm siding with Logan on this whole thing. Veronica doesn't really trust him and he has done *nothing* to deserve that. He has actually been trying to please her all the freaking time. The boy has been through a lot and he's trying everything to hold on to the only thing left in his life. He deserves a break. Actually, I think the writers are doing a pretty good job on this break-up (no, I'm not spoilered, but I can really see the breakup hapening), so much that the whole fandom is divided. If you look into communities and boards, there's all kinds of debates going on, and people siding both with Logan and Veronica everywhere --- kinda like Friends managed to do the Ross and Rachel "were they on a break" break-up. And I do like that, because it means both characters have valid points. So, in my resumed opinion, I totally understand Veronica, but I'm on Logan's side.
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