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To do lists

I spent, like, three months doing pratically nothing, and now I have a lot of work lined up for the next 30 days. Oh joy. Let's list it:
  • Internship Relatory. It's the last thing I have to do and then my internship is done and I just have to wait for my graduation and I'll have my Pychology major. It's already partially done, as we turned in a half-way-through realtory around July/August, so basically, I just have to describe the whole nothing I did for this second semester. Thing is, I want to enter it in this national competion thing, so I have to redo some stuff and I want to write a very good argument about a psychologist's place at a school. And that's probably gonna be a lot of work. This is due in the first second week of December.

  • I have to work out a lot of stuff for my first semester job, including basic stuff like getting a good place, harder stuff like finding a common grounding for the work with the friend that will be working with me, and silly but incredibly important stuff like advertasing the project. All kinds of due dates here, but the advertasing thing needs to be done sometime this week, because the first week we're supposed to be handing out this stuff is the first week of December.

  • And, finally, I just got an email from my boss at the magazine, to let me know I'll be starting the work on the next number this week. He has sent me an article already. Gah. That was supposed to have happened two months ago. I hate how out of schedule this magazine is. If it wasn't such great pay, I would have given up on it. This doesn't have a due date yet. It will depend on when my boss finishes sending me all the articles.

  • All I can say is thank God the TV show is almost done for the year. Only three weeks to go.
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