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* Wallace had over two lines! And he got to share a scene with Veronica! Did they mistake this for season 1? Because that had not happened in season 3 yet.
* Was I the only one sort of expecting Fran to pop up when the guy from the Nanny came to the screen?
* I like the Dean. Just thought I would put that out in the open.
* Was I the only one cheering when Logan told Keith to start yelling at Veronica? SO RIGHT. Don't get me wrong, I love team Mars, but Keith seems to be so worried about not pissing off Veronica that he just hasn't really spoken his mind lately.
* I totally understand the way Veronica is acting. I really do. But man, she has got to stop shuting people out of her life or she will end up completly alone.
* Good news is: Veronica loves Logan. I really think she does. But she still doesn't trust him and that can't be good.
* POOR LOGAN. The boy just broke my heart at the end.
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