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I'm right here if you need anything. But you never do.

* And there it is. The break-up. No cerimonies. I'm glad Logan had the guts to do it. I was afraid he would get push around by Veronica until she got bored with him.
* Veronica is crying in the shower! SHE LOVES HIM! She really really does. And I do think that she knows she screwed it up --- hence that MUCH crying --- but maybe it hasn't really sunk into her head completly because she didn't give herself enough time to let it. I'm sure it will happen though.
* Hey, look at that. It's not over. It's pretty obvious on their faces at the party. So, let's start the pooling? How many episodes do you think the break-up will last?
* The BFFs are back! Logan hangs out with Dick, Veronica spends time with Mac and Wallace! That ties right in with my very own world law that says: if your friend starts dating, you will most likely only see them again when they break-up. So true.
* I love Mac. "Ask me about my STD?" shirt? Classic! And the whole "Do you want scoth on your drink? Sure! *tests it and throws it away* Thanks!" thing? Just perfect.
* If I were Logan and/or Wallace, I would be pretty pissed at Veronica for not calling me back. Hello, they went after a rapist SO SHE WOULDN'T HAVE TO, and when she finds out that's not the girl, SHE DOESN'T CALL THEM AND GOES AFTER THE RAPIST ALONE? Actually, I don't have to be Wallace or Logan, I'm actually pretty mad and I'm just myself.
* I'm sorry, but I still don't like Piz. Cluelessness to keep talking even though everyone is making faces at him? check. Crazy non-sense unfunny dancing? check. Standing at Veronica's place when her two BFFs are there to console her? check. Seriously, what the hell was he doing there? I get why Mac and Wallace were there --- they were being supportative and all --- but really, who invited Piz? Just go away, man.
* The minute I admit I like the Dean, they kill him off. That oughta teach me a lesson. And, he was, like, the only friend Veronica had made in the whole season. *pauses, thinks, a bright lightbulb goes off in my head* Ooooohhhhh!!!!!! They SO should get Principal Clemmons to replace the Dean! Please, Rob Thomas, pleeeeeease?
* Okay, so, obviously who killed Dean O'Dell is the next mystery. I just wish the feminist group didn't have to tie right into this next mystery as well. Ugh.
* So let me get this straight. Parker IDed the right guy by his parfum, Lamb actually arrested him, Veronica cleared him and then it turns out it really was him? Ok, how much fun is Lamb going to have with this?
* OPJ!LOGAN IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! I loved loved loved how he got himself in jail just so he could kick Mercer's ass. THAT'S classic Logan right there. THAT'S the Logan we all know and love.

* So, when Veronica was looking slutty in Piz's room and Moe said he wouldn't judge her... I guess he REALLY was not the one to judge.
* Back in season 1, when Clemmons said to Veronica that trouble followed her around, he should have just turned the other way and said it to Logan too. I mean, every single bad guy in this show was connected to Logan. No wonder he is the OPJ.
* Okay, so I guess this is the final answer: Dick really doesn't like Veronica. At first, we knew that was true. Then Logan started dating her, and was all "either you're okay with Veronica or you're dead to me", so Dick had to play nice --- but I actually remember him saying something along the "hey, that's Veronica, who, by the way, I'm totally okay with", which, really, when someone says that? not true --- then, after that first break-up, he was playfully hitting on her (which I thought was signs of niceness, but it might as well not be), then LoVe gets back together, and Dick is nice to V again, he's even asking favors. Now, they haven't even been broken-up for two seconds and he's back to being kinda mean... which leads me to believe that he never really liked her. And I like it. For some odd reason, that's comforting to me.

ETA: Oh, yes, I HATE the bangs. Really hate them.
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