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dress shopping

My mom and I went fancy dress shopping today. I tried on so many dresses my skin ended up all red from all the fabric contact on my skin. Yes, I do have very sensitive skin. But I was so happy because every dress was fitting me so well and there are quite a few I could have bought. Usually, if I find something that fits half-nicely, I have to buy it on the spot otherwise it's gone and I end up not finding anything that fits good enough. But not today! Today, everything was fitting very nicely and I could have my pick between *three* dresses that were just perfect for me. And medium sizes were actually fitting me this time around. Yay for losing weight!
I ended up buying the dress I'm gonna wear at my cousin's wedding next week (and possibly my graduation party in a couple of months) and it is beautiful. It fits me like a glove and I feel so good wearing it.

Shallow? Maybe. But it made me happy. :)

I met a girl that looks so much like VM's Parker. And she has that same perky attitude. Hee!
Tags: a day in my life, i feel good, weird!me
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