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2007 is here!

I've been doing stuff and thinking "first time in the year" all day long, so I might as well just say: first post of the year!

My New Years was better than last year's fiasco, but, really, still not that great. Basicaly, my family spent it in my sick grandpa's home. Pretty depressing, if you ask me. Oh well, next year I'm either gonna be in the USA with my little brother or in Europe alone --- but having way more fun than around here. Hey, maybe a couple of my friends will manage to go to Europe too and we can have a kickass celebration.

The night was not all spent in my grandpa's room, though. He and my grandma live at our family's hotel, and there was a party there, so we did go have dinner in there at about 10pm. We went to my grandpa's at around 11:30 so he wouldn't start the new year alone (he is very sick, he can't really get out of bed, he doesn't talk anymore I think he doesn't even understand portuguese anymore and I'm not sure if he still recognizes us). We tryed to watch the fireworks from his window, but the Hotel covered most of it and we could only see the ones that blew up way up high. We went back to the party at 1am, but we left a half-hour later, because, well, no one was in much of a party mood anymore.

So... firsts of the year:
Food: chocolate (baton)
Drink: Pineapple caipirinha
People I saw in 2007: My mom and my brother
Song: I'm not sure. Something by the band that was playing at the Hotel's party. first song I could recognize, though, was Sampa by Caetano Veloso.
Movie: Goodnight, and good luck.
TV Show: 3rd Rock From The Sun
Friend I talked to: Thaise (she was at the party as well)
Clothes: I was wearing a pretty white-blue-pink dress and golden accessories (Thaise took a picture of us, I'll post if I manage to get it.
Tags: a day in my life, end of the year, ramblings
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