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weekend update

The internet is back! Yay! Actually, my connection went kaput last wednesday, but it was restored today. Finally.

Let's see... Thiago's move took most of my time. I helped him put stuff on boxes during the week and carry them to his aunt's on Saturday. At 5:30 in the morning. Then I took a little nap in the afternoon and went to a Timabalada concert with Thaise, Rafael, Érika and Rodrigo. Fun, I'm telling you. I jump a wall to leave the house, I won a CD in the car traffic in our way there, we managed to buy the tickets at a cheapper price, a whole bus hit on me and Thaise, and a bunch of guys hit on me during the party. Seriously, I had not have that many guys hit on me in so little time. But my legs and my feet were begging for rest, so I just left early with Érika and Rodrigo.
Sunday was officially the begining of my Astral Hell period. LOL. I can't believe it's already so close to my birthday.
Tags: fun fun fun, omg i love my friends, party like it's 1999, ramblings, tijolo
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