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some tv watching

* Re: 310, I *loved* Mac's new love interest. *LOVED* him. Hope he doesn't turn out to be the one who killed Dean O'Dell.
* Re: 311, I cannot believe they made a hooker-centric episode. *And* I can't believe I actually enjoyed it.
* Okay, the LoVe post-sex scene? The cutest LoVe scene in a very very very very long time. Her little smile when he asked her if she still loves him? Just killed me.
* Madison looked more like a hooker than the hooker herself. Maybe because the hooker was the "girlfriend experience" kind and Madison isn't?
* Hey, you know what the third mystery arc should have been called? I think I do. It should have been: "where is Wallace?"


First things first: when someone says that something would be a a crucial scene in a romantic comedy... they could not be further away from a romantic comedy. It's just not possible. But getting that out of the way, I must say, I unlike everybody (or so it seems) I actually thought Danny's speech to Jordan on episode 111 was actually creepier than the stuff he actually did. But aparently that's just me.
Now, Matt and Harriet, on the other hand... I *loved* the 111 kiss, but not so much the obsessiviness bidding thing. It was kinda cute in theory, but it just felt very very odd for me.


And I know everybody has been saying this, but, just for the record, Taylor Townsend has single-handedly saved The OC. Seriously, I would rather The OC ended last year and we were watching the Taylor spin-off right now. I need an Taylor icon STAT.


Oh, and one last thing: I'm so glad Psych is back! This show is so much fun.
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