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Okay, there's so much wrong with this episode, but I'll just concentrate on this little dialogue because I think it encapsulates it all:

Veronica: Did you and Madison have sex over winter break?
Logan: ...
Veronica: I asked you point-blank.
Logan: And I lied. Point-blank.

WHAT? HE LIED? He did NOT lie to her. She asked if he had been with anyone during their break, he said YES. What exactly was the lie there?

Logan: It wasn't information that you had a right to know. I knew you wouldn't be able to deal with the Madison thing.
Veronica: Which thing are you talking about? The "she roofied me" thing, or the thing when I stumbled to my car in the morning, wondering where my virginity was, and she'd written "slut" on my windshield? Was that what you thought I couldn't deal with? I am so genuinely sick right now. If I could have eaten anything today, I'd be throwing up all over your floor.
Logan: We were broken up at the time.

EXACTLY! They *were* broken up and there was no indication whatsoever that they were gonna get back together. Well, okay, they exchanged a couple of sexy glances on that fraternity party, but, really, that was it.

Veronica: You know how I feel about her!

*COUGH* Does he? *COUGH*

Veronica: There's no way that, at some point while it was happening, that you weren't thinking about how much I'd hate you being with her.

Self-centric, are we? Seriously? She actually believes he should be thinking of her when they were freaking broken up? Oh, come on.

Logan: It wasn't like that!
Veronica: No? Do you want another variation? 'Cause I've got a million sickening scenarios running on a loop right now.
Logan: I wasn't trying to hurt you.
Veronica: Oh, really? Imagine if you tried.

Does she really believe that Logan was moping around during spring break actively looking for a way to porposely hurt Veronica when he stumbled across Madison and thought: "hey, *that* would piss her off"? Does she really believe it? Gimme a break.

*Deep breath* They're epic, we get it, but enough is enough.
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