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I'm too sleepy for a subject

* I feel like we had more Wallace this episode than we had in the whole season so far. And he was only in, what, three scenes? That's just sad.
* Hey, look at that. Logan *can* have fun without Veronica. I bet he had forgotten that.
* The Logan and Parker thing doesn't really bother me. And if Veronica gets jealous? It's a bonus.
* Okay, Lamb's death. Well, here's the thing: I never liked Lamb, so I don't exactly care that he died (hides from fangirls). That doesn't mean I won't miss him, though, because I actually think I will, I mean, who's gonna make Wizard of Oz references now? Anyway, back to my point... *BUT* --- and it's big BUT --- I sort of don't like that Keith is the sheriff. I'm guessing this fact is gonna play a part in the solving of the mystery or something like that, but it kinda defeats part of the premise of the show for me. Besides, what will happen to Mars Investigations? I read some people's thoughts about how it could bring tension to the Veronica/Keith relationship --- considering, for instance, just how many crimes *she* commited just last episode alone --- but I don't exactly see them going that route, so, yeah, I'm one of the ones they're still gonna have to coinvince about this.

* So, Simone died. See if I care.
* I don't know if I'm the only one, but I actually thought the scene right before Simone died --- the whole Peter/Isaac confrontation --- was a bit off. It sounded too me like Peter was awfully angry and aggressive, and I don't quite see him as an agressive guy. I guess Claude rubbed a little off on him.
* Speaking of which... please, someone tell me Claude will be back.
* Ando! Leaving! Hiro told Ando to leave! How did that happen? That was just sort of heartbreaking. They're the dynamic duo!
* Hey, cool new power. The girl can access the internet without a internet connection, was that it? I guess *that* would be a very useful power for many of us. LOL.
* Peter got a few of Silar's powers, right? My question is: can he use *all* of Silar's powers, or only the ones the Silar used against him?
* I actually liked the little house hostage situation thing. Sounds like a lot of fun.
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