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Cheer up, Hamlet!

You know what I love the most about mid-seasons? Getting hooked on old shows I never watched and watching whole seasons on one sitting (well, not really, but real fast anyway). The feeling of not having to waiting until next week, or, even better, not having to worry about whether or not it will be canceled (because more often than not, you already know it has been) is just so liberating. Yeah. That's how I got to experiment some of my favorite shows to date, such as My So-Called Life and Freaks & Geeks. And now, it's time for a new discovery: how have I not heard of Slings & Arrows before? Seriously? I have just watched the whole first season today and it's just perfect and so so me. I have no words for it, except that the whole thing is so much like me I feel almost as if I could have come up with it, or, better yet, that someone just made it for me. Egocentric, much? C'mon, that's not how I mean it, it's just that it's too pefect for words, really.

Second season, here I come tomorrow.

Now I really really need a Slings & Arrows icon, like stat!
Tags: random one liners, shakespeare, tv rules my life, tv rules my life: slings & arrows
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