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The OC Finale

WB Brazil aired the OC Finale today and... eh. Can't say I liked it that much and can't really say I'm gonna miss the show. I guess I'm even a little relieved it's over.

* Poor Kaitlin, she didn't even get an ending. Did she ever even get a storyline this year? I can't remember it.
* So, Ryan and Taylor not ending together was... unexpected, yes, but also kinda unclimatic too. They got everyone and their grandmas invested on it, dammit! Did Ryan's last call (before talking to the boy) really had to be work? Couldn't they have made it be Taylor? I don't think it would have been asking for much here!
* I gotta admit, though, they did get me fooled on the whole Summer & Seth thing. I actually was buying that they wouldn't end the series together and I was about to get so freaking mad... and then they showed the wedding scene.

So, yeah, most of all I guess I'm gonna miss Taylor. Who would have thought?
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