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guys, I need input

Portuguese-speakers, I need help. I want a cute little domain name in portuguese for my trip. Actually, to host a site with stuff on my trip. It's gonna have a blog, that I'll hopefully update daily, with pictures when possible, but not exclusively. It's also gonna have a link to a trip photo gallery, where I'll obiviously post all pictures I take (which is gonna be great so my mom doesn't drive me crazy like she did when I was in the USA) . I also want the picture archive I talked about yesterday, with every picture I have on my computer right now. I also want a calendar with, like, people's birthdays *and* other important dates, like, when I have tests or when I catch a plane and stuff. It's gonna have to be in portuguese because the main point here is to comunicate with family and friends, so yeah. I don't know what else I'd have in there, but I guess that's already a lot of stuff . So, yeah, I need a name for that. I'd rather something in portuguese, but I'm open for sugestions in other languages as well.

Also, another question: does anyone here still blogs on a personal site outside of livejournal? If you do, what do you use? I'm considering just creating a community and using something like LJMagPie (or something like that), just for the sake of commodity --- I'll already be logged in here and stuff, so it seems like the easier way --- but maybe there's just this new awesome little blog script I don't know about? You tell me.
Tags: geek talk, help me please, ramblings
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