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broken glass

I broke a glass door today in my friend's bathroom. You see, Thiago is still sick, and he's complaining he has been stuck at home for five days now, so I said I'd come over and watch a movie with him after I got out of the gym. So I did, but I needed a shower, right? And I hate taking showers at the gym, so I just took my stuff to his place. And then I broke the freaking door. There was little glass pieces EVERYWHERE. But then again it was so beautiful, I almost want to do it again.

Topic #2:
I went to the agency this afternoon to talk about my europe trip. Basicaly they told me they can only assist me if I choose one of their schools. Well, I want to go to Sorbonne, damn it. And they don't work with it. So I can go on my own, or just go to their school. I don't know. I think I still prefer to go to Sorbonne over a languages school. Gotta talk to my dad, see if he's okay with that.
Tags: a day in my life, europe trip, random one liners, tijolo
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