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não vou fugir de nada

My grandma just got herself an orkut profile. That's just too funny.

Godmother's birthday today. I wish I could have seen her today, but she was busy-busy-busy and did not have time for anybody. It's a bummer, really, 'cause I really do love her. She's like the coolest aunt ever. *love*

Oh well. That gave me the evening to mess around WordPress. I think I got the setting down, tomorrow I'll try to understand the templates so I can actually translate my layout to it. I hope it's not too hard. Actually, I do already think it has got too many features and I really don't need any of that, but I really don't feel like looking for another system and testing it and not liking it and testing yet another one... I'm really not on the mood. So WP will have to do.

I also want to get started on the gallery, because I really do want to upload all of my pictures to it, and that is a lot. Really, I get bored just thinking about it.

Ok, torrents for my monday shows are up. I'm going to bed.
Tags: geek talk, ramblings, we are family
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