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my day could be summarized by two activities

I should not have left home today.

I left home at 5:10 to go to the gym. The roads were packed and the traffic was terrible, so I ended up getting there 20 minutes late for class, but I still went in. So I did about 10 minutes of it and BAM, I fell. on the floor. badly. It hurt my feet, and my knee, though I know it could have been way worse. Anyway, everybody stoped and rushed over to me. One of girls I know, went to get some ice and the instructor "examinated" my foot. It was nothing too serious, so he told me to keep the ice on it and go home afterwards.

It doesn't really hurt, only from time to time and just a little. Nothing to worry about, it just upsets me because, well, I was really on a gym kinda of mood, which I never am, and now I won't be able to go at least until wednesday. Bummer.

Other than that, I finally uploaded the last of my pictures to my online gallery, so now I have no more excuses and I will have to dig into wordpress. Though I've been thinking, and maybe all I need to work on is the stylesheet, and that realisation might make my work much easier.
Tags: a day in my life, geek talk, ramblings
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