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eu quero ver o mar

Things have been fine. I've been trying to figure out logistics of my little trip and stuff. I don't know. My dad might "visit me" in europe at some point, not sure when yet.

So, the TV season is over. Most of the finales where underwhelming, though. Oh well. I'm not in much of a TV discussing mood anyway, so I guess I'll just let it be.

Oh, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and, honestly... I didn't like it. For me, the first one was completly awesome, the second was kinda good, but this third was just okay. Bummer. I was so looking foward to it.

Vanessa da Mata's concert tonight! Woohoo! That's gonna be fun.
Tags: europe trip, fun fun fun, random one liners, tv rules my life
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