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ligue se quiser jogar

My dad got into the teaching me how to ride a bike thing as well. Which is great, because he's actually strong enough to help me (unlike my mom) but it's also bad, because he's way more pushy than my mom, so he is actually making me work hard until whatever objective he decides I have to accomplish for the day. So today that meant an hour and a half of practice time. Bright side is: I actually made some progress today. Yay, right? I managed to ride a little on my own and not fall flat on the floor, so I think that's good.

So meanwhile, my mom stayed home and worked through our clothes for cold weather so my brother and I can pick what we want to take in our trips. Except that we have almost nothing, and the little stuff that we do have are from when I was, like, 12, so there's not much (read: almost nothing) that feats me or my brother. And that means shopping! LOL. However, shopping in Natal for this kind of clothes is unexistent, so I'll probably have to buy stuff when I get there.
Tags: europe trip, random one liners, we are family, weird!me
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