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run away

#1. I'm having oh-so-many second thoughts on my whole Europe trip thing. I mean, I think it's gonna be amazing, but maybe, just maybe, I should be using that money to do something else, you know? Like the Columbia Publishing course I'm totally in love with. I don't know. Plus, I'm just so sick of all the burocracy. :/

#2. I have a huge to-do list looking right at me at this very moment. *sigh* So much stuff to do.

#3. I'm all caught up with work and that's so great. Can't wait to finish it so I can finally get paid!

#4. So, cellphone providers in Switzerland, France and Spain. Any comments? I need something that doesn't need a big commitment, since I'll only be using each service for a couple of months. And I'd rather have a pre-paid phone (this does exist outside of Brazil, right?) and good deals on international sms. lol. Yeah, because international calls are extremelly expansive, but sms are not so bad --- at least that's what my search seems to point at so far.
Tags: europe trip, random one liners, weird!me, whiny-clingy-needy
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