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kodak moment

Gah, my internet connection sucks. I can't download anything at all. Bad. Bad, I tell ya.

Went camera shopping with my mom and backpack shopping with my aunt and grandma today. Haven't made decisions on any subject yet. It's hard to ask for advice on backpacks, since I don't even have pictures of them, but how about the camera? Do I have any digital camera experts around? I starting to settle on a Sony W35, but maybe that's mostly out of the lack of options anywhere around this little city. Not that it's a bad camera, but... I don't know. Opinions? Anyone?

Got a Spanish test tomorrow and I haven't even opened the book yet. That's grand, huh?

ETA: Oh, yeah, I also bought a pair of boots! Hee!
Tags: a day in my life, geek talk, random one liners
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