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too sleepy for subjects

one I got a 100 in my french exam. Oui! I have no idea how I managed that --- I hated that exam ---, but it did get me all excited about studing french, so that's great.

two I bought a digital camera yesterday. :) It's a Sony W55. Seems pretty good so far. Still gotta buy a memory card, though. So I'll start picture-spams soon enough. lol.

three I'm so sleepy. I have no idea how I'm gonna manage to stay awake through the night.

four Don't ask me how, but mom and I managed to find good warm pijamas in this sunny city of mine, so that's another item out of my list. Yay!

five I'm trying to use my laptop and see if I still need something from my home computer while there's the possibily to tranfer things over. Something I'm missing, though, is a FTP program. Looked around for WS_FTP LE, which is what I used to have, but it seems like people don't use it anymore? What do you guys use nowadays?
Tags: europe trip, geek talk, random one liners
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