Louise (unfloopy) wrote,

might as well make it official...

I promised myself months ago I wouldn't be doing this... You see, before I left Brasil I decided I wouldn't be downloading stuff while I was in Europe --- well, maybe only Heroes and How I Met Your Mother --- and I could just download everything once I got home. But the school wireless in Switzerland was so good I decided, you know, oh, maybe just my summer shows (Psych and My Boys)... and then one day I downloaded Burn Notice and, you know, that was fun too... And then I moved to Paris, the season started, and the wireless was not that bad and now... well, I might as well just make it official.


- Aliens in America - I can't not watch it. I just relate too much to the whole exchange student scenario.
- Chuck - so much fun
- Heroes - still fun
- How I Met Your Mother - *love*
- Samantha Who? - probably the best new comedy of the season.
- The Big Bang Theory - I wasn't expecting to like it, but guess what? It's genuinally funny.

- Back to You - I love comedies, sue me.
- Pushing Daisies - OMG, so pretty and adorable. For me it's something between Amèlie Poulain and Big Fish. And I'm in love.

- Friday Night Lights - not loving it so far... but then again it took me a couple of episodes to get into it last season, so I might need a few to launch the season as well.

- Brothers and Sisters - gotta love the Walkers

Off the Schedule: (hopefully until I go back to Brazil)
- Lost
- Psych
- My Boys
- Burn Notice

//this post was brought to you from Brussels's Hostel and by wireless stolen from God knows where.
Tags: tv rules my life
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