Louise (unfloopy) wrote,

despues de mucho tiempo aprendi

Tonight all the Brazilians that live in my residency (me included, of course!) went to a Brazilian restaurant for dinner. Oh, God. It had been soooooooooo long since I had had rice and beans! Gotta admit it was nice. The twist? Yeah, they are all living the day after tomorrow. As usual. :/ Well, I'm living a week after that, so I just don't care anymore. Ha.


The Heath Ledger thing? I'm still in shock. I read it almost 24 hours ago and I am still shocked. Even my teacher said *he* was shocked. And then tonight I read a stupid article quoting one of Heath's friends saying they saw it coming? WTF? I mean, if someone sees something like this coming, and it's their friend, how can they just stand still and not do anything about it? *is furious* I don't remember the source, but I prefer to think that the article is bullshit, though. Otherwise it would be just too sad. Anyway, I do believe the world lost a great actor. So sad.
Tags: europe, random one liners
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