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half-way home

I finally finished packing. Well, as much as I can, anyway. I'll still have to relocate a couple of things Monday, since the little suitcase I'm taking to Valencia with me is actually the one that's gonna be my handbag, so... yeah. But my biggest suitcase is not completly full, so I don't think I'm gonna have a problem. Gotta weight them, though. Hope I'm ok.

So today, before packing, I got my tickets to go to Madrid and Valencia, and before I went to the Post Office to send myself some stuff. LOL. Three bottles of diferent alcoholic drinks from here. I didn't really want to put them in my suitcases in case they broke... or, you know, went over weight or something. And, yes, I know it's legal to take them in your suitcase, but I was still a little aprehensive as well, so it's easier just to send them. Just can't let grandma see it. LOL.

Before that I had my oral exam, which was okay. I mean, I think I did fine, but I was looking for some sort of discussion and there was none. I basicaly spent half an hour talking with my teacher and the whole class just sort of watched. Oh well. And before that I had my written exam, which also was good, but not great. But my teacher said I only got silly stuff wrong, and she decided to give me a sobresaliente in my diploma, which is like the best grade they have, so that was nice. :)

So, yeah, that was my day in a backwards order.
Tags: a day in my life, europe
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