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last days in spain

In Valencia, 48 hours away from home. It feels weird. My suitcases are already at the airport (left-luggage, of course). I broke, like, every single one of my nails to do that, but I survived. I weighted them and... well, I got 29kg in the small one and 32 in the big one. That explains why getting them both plus a small carry-on suitcase (12kgs) to the airport was such a pain in the ass.

So in one day (or rather half a day, considering I sort of slept until noon) I've seen pretty much all of Valencia BY FOOT. I love how you can do that in European cities. Don't try that in Brazil, though. It's almost impossible. Wondering what to do tomorrow. I haven't hit the beach yet, so I guess I'll do that when I wake up, and I'll see if there is some sort of spend-a-couple-hours-in-Ibiza-and-come-back boat there. If there is, great. Otherwise... I don't know. [ETA: Aparently, it takes over three hours to get to Ibiza by boat, so I'm doubting I'll get to do it.] If it's still early I can try going to Alicante, but that's 2 and a half hours away from here, so it would mean I'd spend 9 hours in a bus tomorrow. Not so great. It just sucks that I can't leave earlier to Madrid because my friend will only get home at 10pm, and since I'm sleeping at her house... it's kinda problem. LOL.
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