Louise (unfloopy) wrote,

wishing and hoping and dreaming and praying

1. Supposed to finally get my internet tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. They called me. Maybe next friday. Damn it! That's a incredibly bad costumer service.

2. I looked back at my journal and I'm feeling pretty bad for neglecting it. But it's kinda hard to keep it up without internet. :/ Hopefully I'll go back to my posting-everyday ways after tomorrow. Let's see.

3. Missing TV a lot. Gotta take a look at the schedules to see when my summer shows are back. Only My Boys has started so far. Speaking of which how frustrating was it that PJ took Bobby to Italy? Seriously? I hope they stop throwing the poor girl at one of her guys every cliffhanger. First Brandon, now Bobby. What is next cliffhanger gonna be about? Her and Mike? :/ At least Kenny seems to be heading to a storyline with Steph, so we're probably clear of that.

4. Still haven't been able to get my house completly organized. I'm getting so frustrated. Kinda want my mom.
Tags: oh mother, random one liners, são paulo, tv rules my life
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