Louise (unfloopy) wrote,

except I still can't catch you

(a) I didn't get out of the building today, just because. I'll have to do it tomorrow, though, because I need to go grocery shopping.

(b) And I need to buy some medicine as well.

(c) I gotta learn to cook healthy stuff asap. The food my mom sent me is almost finished. Bummer.

(d) Also need a way to organize the recipes, otherwise I'm never gonna be able to do something twice. Anyone knows of a web-based way? A cook site or something?

(e) So, the whole confrotation I was expecting today didn't happen at all, and I have no idea if that's okay or if it's gonna turn out to be even worse later. Not up to me anyway.

(f) Last but not least... I need advice. My grandma is in the US is she's gonna bring me a new laptop, and I need to decide on what I want. So I'm thinking either a vaio or a mac, though I'm a bit aprehensive because I've never used a mac before and I keep thinking I'm gonna have some sort of problem, like not being able to open a file or something. I'm still leaning towards the vaio, I think. I don't know. So, suggestions anyone?

(g) I NEED new icons. New colorful icons. I really need to apply myself so I can have time for these things. If I keep post-poning everything I'm never gonna be able to do the stuff I want to.
Tags: geek talk, help me please, ramblings, são paulo
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