Louise (unfloopy) wrote,

de--wait for it--lightful. delightful!

TV is definitely back. And I haven't even cough up with my winter shows yet. :/ Anyway...

How I Met Your Mother: 401
- Not one of their strongest episodes, but it was cute.
- Never thought I'd say this, but... the best part was the whole Barney in love with Robin thing.
- What the hell happened to Marshall's hairdresser during the summer?
- Finally, I thought that that 5-minute date was one of the sweetest things ever, but right now Ted and Stella are kinda boring me. Then again I never watched Star Wars, and the only ten minutes I saw sometime put me to sleep, so.


The Big Bang Theory: 201
- They dismissed the whole Leonard and Penny dating pretty fast, didn't they? I wonder what they are going for now. Is it gonna go back to Leonard hopelessly pining for Penny again or are they gonna pull a Friends and give Leonard a new girlfriend so Penny can be jealous? I don't know I'm kinda feeling cheated.


Heroes: 301+302 (heroes_meta)
- Somehow not as ground-shaking as I was hoping for.
- Some of the dialogue was oh-so-bad. Elle's first scene, with her dad? Just terrible.
- Someone in this show really likes Ali Larter. Third character? New power? Really?
- I actually like Speedster girl. She looks like fun. And I love the fact that she encountered Hiro, of all people.
- Poor Maya never stood a chance. Mohinder with powers is so confident and sexy.
- So Sylar just *looks* at the brains? Then he should get x-ray vision. It would make the whole process faster, less messy and totally pain-free. Plus, think of how much easier it would be for him to get virtually everybody's powers.
- My reaction to Sylar being a Petrelli: Et tu, Brute?
- Favorite thing? Weevil talking to Veronica. :P


I've also caught up with Greek, but I don't think anyone around here watches it, so.
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