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February 1st, 2010 (03:30 am)
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Yes, it is 3AM and I'm still up! Because I'm currently on a huge TOEFL high! I just got my results back and I got a 108 out of 120 points! And that's a freaking awesome score! So, yeah! I've even called my mom! I know, I know, I should have waited until tomorrow, but I just needed someone to celebrate with me!

Now let's lay off the exclamation point fest. Anyway, yeah. Pretty happy about that.

In other news, I didn't break my own vows and I *did* manage to go to the gym everyday last week. Honestly, I feel great. I'll try to do it again this week, but I might have to skip one day because of my uncle who is in town and probably will want to go to dinner or something. I'm really hoping it's not on one of the days of my favorite classes, though.

Plans for tomorrow include: make reservations for my birthday dinner, spend half of the afternoon at Starbucks (I'm craving a toffee nut frapuccino and, damn it, I deserve it), get my brother's ipod from the repair, go to a few stores and see if I can find myself a new dress for my birthday, and go to the gym.

But right now I couldn't care less about any of it because I got a 108 on my toefl! Yay!

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