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marshmallows & promises [a 3-disc Logan Echolls & Veronica Mars fanmix]

Right. I've been sitting on this for a while now. First because I was still bitter over season 3, then over the cancellation, then I traveled, then I never had the time, then I never had the inspiration... Cutting the chase, it's here. It started out as a compilation of the music that reminded me of them (both featured on the show or not). So that's why for the first time one of my fanmixes has music that was actually on the show. The order was given a while ago, and I just thought better not to mess with it, or I would end up not posting. I also feel like the art could be better, but again, I'm in a mood to just get things done. So here we go.

Veronica: Hey. Do you think this thing... will ever get more normal?
Logan: What, like, will we ever hang at the mall and hold hands and buy each other teddy bears with hearts that say "I wuv you beary much?"
Veronica: Yes. Exactly that. Except I want my bear won through some sort of demonstration of ring-tossing ability.

disc 1: friendship bracelets []

Logan: It's a job, you know? We're not exchanging friendship bracelets.
Veronica: I'll stop braiding.

1 Momentary Thing | Something Happens
            Is it nothing / Or less, or less, or less
2 Gravity | Embrace
            And then I looked up at the sun and I could see / Oh the way that gravity turns on you and me
3 Blue and Yellow | The Used
            And you never would have thought in the end / How amazing it feels just to live again
4 I See You, You See Me | The Magic Numbers
            It's alright I never thought I'd fall in love again / It's alright I look to you as my only friend
5 Undone | Owsley
            And handed me a sweet salvation / Angel above come and set me free
6 Erase/Rewind | The Cardigans
            I've changed my mind / I take it back
7 Crimson & Clover | Tommy James & the Shondells
            Now I don't hardly know her / But think I could love her
8 Love’s a Game | The Magic Numbers
            I'm an honest mistake that you made / Did you mean to?
9 Ever Fallen In Love | Thea Gilmore
            And if I start a commotion / I’ll run the risk of losing you and that's worse
10 Bad Boyfriend | Garbage
            But I can make you happy at least now and then / I've got something special for my bad boyfriend
11 Me Liga | Patricia Marx
            Eu sei, jogos de amor são pra se jogar
            Ah! por favor, não vem me explicar
            O que eu já sei, e o que eu não sei
            O nosso jogo não tem regras, nem juiz
            Você não sabe quantos planos eu já fiz
            Tudo o que eu tinha pra perder, eu já perdi
            O seu exército invadindo o meu país

            Se você lembrar (ligue se você lembrar),
            Se quiser jogar (ligue se quiser jogar)
            Me liga, liga

            Mas sei que não se pode terminar assim
            O jogo segue e nunca chega ao fim
            E recomeça a cada instante (a cada instante)
            Eu não te peço muita coisa só uma chance
            Pus no meu quarto, seu retrato na estante
            Quem sabe um dia eu vou te ter ao meu alcance
            Ah! como ia ser bom se você deixasse
|I know, love games are supposed to be played
Oh, please, don't explain to me
What I already know and what I don't know
Our game has no rules and no judge
You don't know how many plans I've made
Everything I could lose I've already lost
Your army invaded my country

If you remember (call me if you remember)
If you wanna play (call me if you wanna play)
Call me, call

But I know we can't end like this
The game goes on and it's never over
And restarts every moment (every moment)
I don't ask for much, just a chance
Got your picture in my room
Who knows? Maybe someday I'll have you within reach
Ah, it would be nice if you would let me

disc 2: lifes ruined, bloodshed, epic []

Logan: I thought our story was epic, you know? You and me.
Veronica: Epic how?
Logan: Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed, epic.

1 Answering Bell | Ryan Adams
            But oh, girl I wish I knew you well / But I'm just saying hi to your answering bell
2 Breathe Me [four tet remix] | Sia
            I am small, I'm needy / Warm me up and breathe me
3 Can’t Seem to Make You Mine | Garbage
            Can't you see what you're doin' to me / You fill my heart with misery
4 The Change | Jon Dee Graham
            Do you see the change in me? / I’m not the same as I used to be
5 I’m Not In Love | Tori Amos
            I like to see you, but then again / That doesn't mean you mean that much to me
6 The Fear You Won’t Fall | Joshua Radin
            And I hate the phone / But I wish you'd call
7 Sway | The Perishers
            Now that I'm coming down / Won't you be my solid ground?
8 Keep The Light On | The Whitlams
            We stumble into each other’s lives and we knock somethings over / Try not to make a sound
9 Say You Miss Me | Wilco
            I've been sleepin' alone, out on my own / I'm sure it seems like I'm takin' my time to get back to you
10 I Hear the Bells | Mike Doughty
            I’ll slug it out / I’m sick of waiting
11 Rooftops | Lostprophets
            Standing on the rooftops, wait until the ball drops / This is all we got now, scream until your heart stops
12 Time Flies Tomorrow | Paul Westerberg
            Time flies tomorrow / And time flies since we met
13 La Liste | Rose
[Okay, so the lyrics are huge, because it's this list of everyday stuff. So I won't include the whole thing here.
Ask if you want a translation, and I'll do it for you.]
            Jeter tout par les fenêtres
            T'aimer de tout mon être
            Je ne suis bonne qu'à ça
            Est-ce que ça te déçoit?
            J'ai rien trouver de mieux à faire
            Et ça peut paraitre bien ordinaire
            Mais c'est la liste des choses que je veux faire avec toi
|Throw everything through the windows
Love you with all of my being
I'm not good at this
Does that disappoint you?
I have nothing better to do
And it might seem pretty ordinary
But that's the list of things I want to do with you

disc 3: but you never need anything []

Logan: But I'm always here, if you need anything. But you never need anything.

1 Overrated | Gavin DeGraw
            It will be like... / I will be enough
2 Fidelity | Regina Spektor
            Suppose we never fell in love / Suppose I never ever let you kiss me so sweet and so soft
3 I Walk the Line | Live
            You've got a way to keep me on your side / You give me cause for love that I can't hide
4 Poison Cup | M. Ward
            Hope you know what this means / I'm gonna give you everything
5 Grey | Sarah Bettens
            Few things are forever / And it hurts when good things fade
6 A Thousand Kisses Deep | Leonard Cohen
            I made it to the forward deck, I blessed our remnant fleet / And then consented to be wrecked, a thousand kisses deep
7 This Unavoidable Thing Between Us | Evermore
            The night is long today, my love for you has changed / The night is long today, a hope has been replaced
8 Boa Sorte/Good Luck | Vanessa da Mata/Ben Harper
            All you want from me / Isn't real expectations
9 Close Yet Far | cKy
            And I'll think of the days when there was something to believe / Though I never never never ever wanted this to be
10 White Balloons | Stephen Ashbrook
            Even after all they've done for you / If it hurts, it's supposed to
11 Amores Imperfeitos | Skank
            Não precisa me lembrar
            Não vou fugir de nada
            Sinto muito se não fui feito um sonho seu
            Mas sempre fica alguma coisa
            Alguma roupa pra buscar
            Eu posso afastar a mesa quando você precisar

            Sei que amores imperfeitos são as flores da estação

            Eu não quero ver você
            Passar a noite em claro
            Sinto muito se não fui seu mais raro amor
            E quando o dia terminar
            E quando o sol se inclinar
            Eu posso por uma toalha e te servir o jantar

            Mentira se eu disser
            Que não penso mais em você
            E quantas páginas o amor já mereceu?
            Os filósofos não dizem nada
            Que eu não possa dizer
            Quantos versos sobre nós eu já guardei?
            Deixa a luz daquela sala acesa
            E me peça pra voltar
|No need to remind me
I'm not running away from anything
I'm sorry if I wasn't like one of your dreams
But there's always something
Clothes to pick up
I can move the table whenever you need

I know imperfect loves are this season's flowers

I don't wanna see you
Spending the whole night awake
I'm sorry if I wasn't your rarest love
And when the day is over
And when the sun starts to come down
I can set the table and serve you dinner

I'm lying if I say
I don't think about you anymore
And how many pages has love deserved?
Philosophers say nothing
I can't say myself
How many verses about us I've kept?
Light up the living room
And ask me to come back

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disc 1 | disc 2 | disc 3
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