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So, most people did this right after the upfronts week. I'm just catching up.

tentative tv schedule for 2009/2010

Chuck, because now he knows kung-fu.
Greek, because Cappie and Casey are finally back together!
How I Met Your Mother, because, come on, it's just legen---wait for it---dairy.
In Treatment, because it makes the psych-majored girl in me happy.
The Big Bang Theory, because it's Dr. Sheldon Cooper for the win.

Being Erica, because she can change her present *and* her past.
Glee, because my life (my life) would suck (would suck) without them.
My Boys, because Kenny/Stephanie >>>>>> PJ/Bobby. (july, 25)
Lost, because they finally have to tell us stuff.

Friday Night Lights, because now it's time for the Panthers to get their asses kicked.
Psych, because I wanna count pineapples. (july, 14)

Burn Notice, because when you're burnt, you get nothing: no cash, no credit, no job history. (june, 3)
FlashFoward, because I want to know if they will kill off Agent Noh.


Drop Dead Diva, because she pushed the return button. (In the summer?)

Brothers & Sisters, because with the Walkers, it's like I'm part of the family.
In Treatment, because it makes the psych-majored girl in me happy.

Will get on the list whenever we get some dates:
New Showtime series "Episodes" to debut in 2010. "Episodes" is about a hit British sitcom being dumbed down for US. Matt LeBlanc is the star of the US version. --- Sounds like something I might like!
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