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Logan x Logan: a picspam

Let me start this by saying I've never done a picspam before. So, you know, this is my first one and it, like, sucks. I also confess I never thought it would be this hard. And time consuming. How you guys do this regularly I'll never know.

That being said...

I think Greek might have a Veronica Mars complex --- or, better yet, a Logan Echolls complex. I've seen people comparing him to both Cappie and Evan Chambers. Sure, Evan looks a lot like Logan, and he has daddy issues too, but the Logan-ness is not really there. Cappie has a lot of the vibe and much of the snark, but he's not really tortured, which could kinda equal a Logan-lite, if you will. But that's not really enough. Even though I would lean more over Cappie than Evan as far as a Logan-vibe goes, I actually realized someone else in the Greek world might have more in common with our favorite obligatory psychotic jackass. Who, you might ask? Well, Ms Logan herself.

So, for picspammy's compare and contrast challenge, I present to you...

Oh, yeah, spoilers for Veronica Mars up to 202 Driver's Ed and Greek up to 201 Brothers and Sisters.

When we first meet Logan, he is a spoiled rich boy who is being a jackass to Veronica. In the Greek pilot, Rebecca is a spoiled rich girl who sleeps with Casey's boyfriend, Evan. They start off as antagonists to the main character. We can't help but hate them.

Logan to Veronica: What do you say to a little hootch, huh? What’s the matter,
aren’t you your mother’s daughter? Now there was a woman who could drink. Hey, what’s
she up to nowadays, maybe she’ll join us. Do you know where she is? Any clue?

Casey: I found out you kind of had sex with Evan Chambers.
Rebecca: I did. Rush night. And it was amazing!
Casey: Ok, please stop talking. Here's the thing, Evan Chambers is my boyfriend.
Rebecca: Oh my God! How awkward for you.

Logan is the son of two actors, Aaron and Lynn Echolls, which pretty much secures his status as 09er king. Rebecca is the daughter of Senator Ken Logan, which makes her the most wanted pledge for ZBZ.

Veronica: And let’s not forget Logan Echolls. His dad makes
twenty million a picture. You probably own his action figure.

Frannie: Rebecca Logan, daughter of our fair state senator, is coming
here this fall and she's rushing. I want her. Having a senator's daughter
can do so much for us.

While Rebecca never feels loved enough, Logan actually gets physically abused by his dad.

Trina to Logan: So now you’re worried about Dad’s welfare. Isn’t he the big
bad wolf? Cigarette burns and broken noses. Oh, the stories you used to tell.

Rebecca: I used to see everything in terms of whether it would piss off my parents.

They are both gorgeous and they are not afraid to express their sexuality. When their shows start, neither character is even close to being a virgin anymore. In fact, they have both being called sluts (playfully or not).

Logan: Never underestimate the size of my cojones.

Cappie: You're just noticing that poster now?
Rebecca: Let's just say I haven't been in position to notice the poster until now.

Rebecca's bra-less adventure becomes a viral video; Logan's bumfight makes it to The Smoking Gun website. Needless to say, their parents are not happy about it.

Dick to Logan: Gotta check out “The Smoking Gun” website. Dude, you’re famous.

Random girl: Oh my God! That is Rebecca Logan! Pledge gone wild at spring break!

These kids like to lose clothes when they're drunk: Rebecca takes her bra off on a stage during spring break and Logan gets so drunk he shows up without pants to a school dance.

Logan: Everybody Wang Chung tonight! Wang Chung or I'll kick your ass!

Rebecca: Hey, Cap! I'm getting rowdy!

Logan falls for Veronica, Rebecca falls for Cappie, and the audience start to see a whole new side to them...

Logan: It’s okay. You know, it kinda let’s me off the hook,
you know? I don’t know, I don’t have to feel guilty anymore.
Veronica: Feel guilty about what?
Logan: Moving on.

Rebecca: My answer is yes.
Cappie: Was the question wanna get naked?
Rebecca: You asked if I would go on a date with you, I've given it some
thought and I'm ready. Let's take this public. Like way public. Like,
let's go outside and make out on ZBZ's lounge.

Even though we hated them at first (see #01), eventually we started thinking they're not so bad afterall. And then they quickly became one of the most interesting characters of their respective shows.

Veronica Mars caps courtesy of vm-caps
Greek caps by me, that's why they suck

So, am I going crazy? Probably. But you tell me.
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