Louise (unfloopy) wrote,

Emmy commentary, twitter-style

21:27 the guy from 2 and a half men? really? what the hell? #
21:36 I was rooting for Christina, but I knew it was a pretty long shot. #
21:52 well, it wasn't jim parsons, but at least it wasn't charlie sheen. #
22:31 DR HORRIBLE! #
22:51 is it just me or kaley cuoco looks kinda weird? jim looks adorable, though. #
23:21 :O Michael Emerson for the win! totally! #
23:24 @AmyTVGal I guess I blinked, then. #
23:25 @dtissagirl I'm pretty sure that's the general idea. #
23:39 if that's the team of the night, why is simon baker not presenting with james roday? #
23:50 oh, gabriel byrne. I was rooting for you. #
23:51 theme, not team. damn, my spelling sucks tonight. #
23:51 @dtissagirl well, at least psych made tons of jokes about it already, so that makes me feel better. a little bit. #
23:55 30 rock. again. oh well. #
23:59 tina fey still is the awesomest person ever: "we thank nbc who keep us on the air even though we're more expensive than a talkshow". HA. #
00:03 ...and that's it. I'll wait for NPH to close the show and then I'm gonna hunt the opening down 'cause I missed it. :( #

ETA: I didn't twitter it because I wasn't watching the show yet, but Kristin Chenoweth's win made me very very happy.
Tags: tv rules my life, twitted
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