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we all need somebody to lean on

Mom was here for the day (long story) and we went Christmas shopping at this mall a little farther away from my place, but, man, can you say cheap? We got presents for all of my cousins. Plus, I bought so many cute dresses! I am *this close* to taking pictures of the dresses and posting here because I have pretty much no girl friends in this city and I totally fell like being girly and talking about my new clothes. [/consumist]

Wow, Christmas shopping. And the mall had their Christmas decoration up and everything. Wow. Seriously, this year? Gone. And I barely noticed it.

Well, there's still time for something to turn up great for me, so... fingers crossed.

And, finally, Glee.

I've heard some people didn't really like this episode, but, you guys... it really got to me. It made me cry! And I very rarely cry with TV shows. But this episode? Yeah, it got me.

#1: So, we found out Quinn's dad is a jerk, though we already knew that from Gilmore Girls. (I really had to say this, sorry!)

#2: I also was kinda freaked about by Quinn's eyebrows during all her crying --- her face was all wonky, guys! She has cried prettily before, right? Why did her face have to be weird this time?

#3: Okay, Puck's revelation to Mercedes? Kinda made me mad at her. I was hoping she wouldn't be so quick to judge him but she was barely shocked and then she was already taking Quinn's side WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED. What the hell, Mercedes? Jumping to conclusions like that? Did an old friend of ours called Veronica Mars re-incarnate on you or something?

#4: I *love* Sarah Drew, but Suzy Pepper freaked me out. A LOT.

#5: Terry was actually funny in this episode. How would have thought?

#6: The speech Will gave Rachel after she apologized? It was perfect. And I wanted to hug her. And I cryed a little bit.

#7: And then, Brittany did! (hug Rachel, I mean) During Lean on Me! Which just makes her all kinds of awesome. And that's not even considering she thinks a ballad is a male duck and the square root of four is rainbows. I love Brittany right now.

Which brings me to: #8: couldn't she have been the only dumb kid in this club? Did they really have to make Finn dumb too? Because I love her, but he is so annoying when he's being stupid. Guh. Thankfully, he was more on the naive side in this episode, which actually works for me.

#9: But then again, I kinda cried when he was singing I'll Stand By You to his little girl, so.

#10: And Lean On Me? I was bawling my eyes out. SO MUCH LOVE.
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