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maybe this time I'll be lucky

My Engish exam went pretty well, I think. The results will be out in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I gotta prepare the rest of my applications. Boring, I know, but somehow I'm excited!

Trying to convince myself to get out of the apartment today. I want to go be with the three-dimensional people, but I'm oh so lazy. I should try and get my little brother's ipod fixed. I also really need to find the will to work out. Really need to.

And, finally, Golden Globes talk

22:05 Lea Michele should make a joke about the fact that's raining on their parade, right? #goldenglobes #

22:06 also, it just started raining over here as well. #

01:22 #glee won? wow! when Jane Lynch lost I was sure they wouldn't win anything else. #

01:30 they had two Meryl Streep movies AND the awesomeness of 500 Days of Summer AND something that looks amazing like Nine and they picked THAT? #

01:30 are they serious? #goldenglobes #

Also: doesn't the whole Avatar win feel like Titanic all over again? A huge James Cameron movie that wins everything and then right after people start saying it didn't deserve anything and it was not even that good to begin with? Personally, I like Titanic way better than Avatar, but, well, it kinda feels like history is repeating itself.
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