Louise (unfloopy) wrote,

Hollywood needs us

I'm currently watching American Idol. Weird (for me), right? It's only because it's Cheno's episode, though, so I guess I'm justified. She looks so pretty and adorable! I plan on watching NPH's episode as well, so. It's also a good way to kill time until the SAG awards are on.

Today I spent the whole day cleaning out my closet. It was exhausting, but oh so needed. I'm not completely done yet, though. I still have to go through winter clothes. Man, this stuff sucks.

In other news, I worked out this week! Believe it or not, I actually went to the gym three times. Next week, I'm planing on going every day. Well, actually, I can't go on monday because it's a holiday in here, but everyday after that, yes.

Also, my mom, brother and grandma have bought their tickets to come here for my birthday, so that's set. I have to plan what we're gonna do and make restaurant reservations and everything, but at least now I know it's happening so I can prepare.

Plans for tomorrow include going through the rest of my clothes and also hitting the mall with a friend and possibly going to the movies. Not necessarily in that order.
Tags: a day in my life, ramblings, são paulo, tv rules my life, we are family
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