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5 young actresses that should guest star on Glee

Glee has only had half a season and people already think they are over-doing the whole guest-star thing.
While I can see their point, I can't help but think it would be pretty awesome if these girls made the cut sometime.

So, for picspammy's top 5 challenge, I present to you...

#5: Tina Marjorino
I loved her in Veronica Mars, and I hear she is (was?) lead singer in a band? Sounds like it could really work out well.

#4: Brittany Snow
She proved in Hairspray that she's a pretty good singer and dancer. She could totally pull it off.

#3: Kay Panabaker
I might not know much (or anything, really) about her, but have you guys seen last year's remake of Fame?
She was my favorite thing in it. Also, also: see her rocking Tina's blue hair? :)

#2: Kristen Bell
Granted, I might not like most of her interviews, but credit where credit is due:
that first season of Veronica Mars kicked ass and a lot of it was because of her.
Also, we all know she can be hilarious. Plus: musical theater background.
I feel like she could fit really well in there.

#1: Autumn Reeser
She single-hadedly saved the last season of The OC, so we know she's really great
and she has an incredible comedic time. I never heard her sing, though.
But when she twitted that she loved the show because it reminded her of
her show choir days, I was sold. How perfect is that?
And, finally, can you imagine how awesome would Rachel Berry X Taylor Townsend be? I'll tell you: very.

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