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5 young actresses that should guest star on Glee

Glee has only had half a season and people already think they are over-doing the whole guest-star thing.
While I can see their point, I can't help but think it would be pretty awesome if these girls made the cut sometime.

So, for picspammy's top 5 challenge, I present to you...

Glee, guest starring...Collapse )
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hehe +))
god if we get to see all these amazing girls again it would be EPIC XD
really =D
We can always wish. :)
kbell ftw. that would make my dreams come true.
I really think she would work pretty well on this show.
I will always have a place in my fandom heart for Autumn Reeser. Especially after season 4 of The OC with Ryan and Taylor. <333
She totally deserves it! :)
she's pretty amazing, huh?
Beautiful picspam and great choice of actresses! I personally love Kay Panabaker and Kristen Bell. :)
I've never seen Kay in anything other than Fame, but she totally won me over for that. And I didn't even liked the movie that much.


8 years ago

Taylor Townsend vs Rachel Berry- that I need to see!
me too, sister. me too.
I agree with all of these, but Tina's tied up on The Deep End. If I could have just one, it would definitely be Kristen. <3
I heard it got canceled. Or it's supposed to get cancelled or something.

But then again, she wouldn't be the first person to star in one show and guest in another at the same time. :)


8 years ago

I LOVE Kbell! :D
Glee + Kristen Bell = even more Perfection :D
She also sang on VM and an Award show d;<3
I know! I even have the mp3s. :)
Oooh! Some good picks. I don't know anything about Kay Panabaker but I really like the others. Especially Tina Marjorino. I like her on Big Love but I've grown to really love her on The Deep End.
I wanted to watch The Deep End, I mean, it's Tina Marjorino and Matt Long! But I've read so many bad reviews I kinda... didn't.


8 years ago

KBell <3


they would be awesome, wouldn't they? :)
I would die of happiness if KBell was on Glee.
And even if she is all about movies nowadays, with so many big names throwing themselves at the Glee producers, I bet she would want to do it too.
Taylor Townsend with ANYONE is a guarenteed win.

(Also, yes to the Vmars nods.)
That's because Taylor Townsend ALONE is a guaranteed win. (But I do think it would be even better if she was with or even against Rachel Berry)
Autumn <33333
Definitely! Loved her song in The American Mall (if it was her singing... not like Nina Dobrev... :/ not sure though :D)
I haven't watched it, but since she was on a show choir and on musicals in High School, I'm guessing she can sing well enough. :)


8 years ago

Autumn, Kay, and Brittany. OMG MY LIFE WOULD BE MADE. screw J.Lo, I want these girls! RM, make this happen
TOTALLY! SCREW J.Lo! I so don't want her on Glee.
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