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5 underrated Friends episodes

Friends is that kind of TV show that has so many episodes it's hard to pick favorites. But, when we do pick, we all end up picking pretty close to the same ones --- usually the "classic" episodes. So, for something different, I thought about those less popular favorites of mine. I'll start off by saying this is not my top 5 Friends episodes. At all. These are not considered "classics" and they are never on anyone's favorites list. BUT, even though they are not my top 5, I still love these episodes to death and I wish more people liked them.

So, without further ado, for picspammy's Five challenge:

#5: The One With The Red Sweater
It got number five because it's probably the most popular between the five.
Favorite scene: Joey's slow reaction at the very end is just priceless.
Favorite lines:
Chandler: You opened all the presents without me? I thought we were supposed to do that together!
Monica: You kissed another woman?
Chandler: Call it even?
Monica: Okay!

#4: The One With Rachel's Sister
I'm one of the rare ones who like Jill more than Amy. Gah, I wish Reese had come back like she was supposed to.
Favorite scene: Jill knocks on the door and the six friends are confused over who could it possibly be.
Favorite lines:
Rachel: So what did you do that made dad cut you off?
Jill: Okay, I bought a boat.
Monica: You bought a boat?
Jill: Yeah but it wasn't for me, it was for a friend.
Chandler: Boy did we make friends with the wrong sister!

#3: The One Where Old Yeller Dies
My Ross and Rachel shipper heart just loves the whole thing, really.
Favorite scene: Ross and Rachel say I love you for the first time in the middle of a fight.
Favorite lines:
Phoebe: What is happening to the world? I mean, because E.T. leaves, and... and Rocky loses, Charlotte dies...
Richard: Charlotte who?
Phoebe: With the web. The spider, she dies, she dies. She has babies and dies. It's like, you know: Hey, welcome home from the hospital. Thud.

#2: The One With Chandler's Dad
Okay, so I do know one person who lists this one as her absolute favorite episode: my mom. But I'm pretty sure she's the only one. Plus, she doesn't really count, because she has not seen every episode.
Favorite scene: Chandler's dad's show.
Favorite line:
Monica: Can we have our drinks please, waiter..er.. tress!

#1: The One With Two Parties
This episode does not fail in cracking me up every. single. time. I watch it.
Favorite scene: The whole sequence in the end, when both of Rachel's parents want to leave at the same time and the gang is trying to get them to leave without seeing each other.
Favorite lines:
Rachel: Both of them are here? Both of them?
Chandler: Well, we could count again.

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