Louise (unfloopy) wrote,

tv talk

um. I think I'm officially bored. I have burned through the entire third season of In Treatment (I was really really late, I know) in, like, three days. I definitely liked it better than the second season but not as much as the first season. I mean, Adele >>> Gina, for sure, but I still miss her. I truly enjoyed Sunil's sessions, but for me, the season 1 patients were the best (Sophie <3).

dois. I have also completely fallen in love with Miranda. The seasons are so short, though. I cannot wait for more. When will the third season air? Anyone knows?

três. I am enjoying Love Bites. I really like to meet new random people every week, but I'm afraid it will grow tiresome. But then again we have the three main characters anchoring everything and I would guess their storylines will somehow develop as well.

quatro. Summer TV is here! Drop Dead Diva, I missed you.
Tags: tv rules my life, tv rules my life: drop dead diva, tv rules my life: in treatment, tv rules my life: love bites, tv rules my life: miranda
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