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Last update: 03/april/2006

I'm bad at keeping track of this, but I'm trying. I'm really trying. This post will be updated as constantly as I remember.

Brushes (textures/borders/etc)
100x100_brushes | _joni | awmp | crumblingwalls | disorderedmind | dtissagirl | even_art | fatexsucks | fophead | honerbright | icons_with_love | jeweledicecream | jujubinha | miggy | milk | notimetoplay | quebelly | sweet_brevity | teh_indy

I make my own gradients, when I feel the need to. I've never posted them, and I don't really plan on sharing them, because I figure they're not such a big deal and they're so easy to make...! But if you're specially interested on them let me know. If I get enough people asking, I might as well decide to share them.

cap_it | _jems_ | awakencordy | Melissa's Caps | movie freaks | at the stars | desert sky | rockless | secret obsession
Everwood: everwood online | the perfect day
Friends: friends cafe | friends generation | Lobsters for Life | _jems_
Gilmore Girls: quintessense | luminary | _jems_
Joan of Arcadia: amber-tamblyn.org | arcadiacaps.com | _jems_
Lost: lost media | emilie online | crumblingwalls | awakencordy | Charlie/Claire screencap index
The OC: the-oc.org | screencap paradise
Veronica Mars: vm-caps.com | awakencordy
Also: caps provided by the icon challenges communities.

When I find an interesting tutorial, I usually add it to my memories

Did I forget you? I'm sorry! Just comment and I'll add you to the list (if I did, in fact, use something that's yours).

Have a good resource I don't have listed? Recommend it. :)
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